Wholesale Gold Filled Chains | Different Types of Chain Link Jewelry

Chains are extremely popular among men and women of all ages. Their beautiful designs help in accentuating the beauty and glamour of the whole outfit. One of the most loved and worn types of chains fall under the category of wholesale gold filled chains link jewelry. These types of chains come in various types and styles. Let us take a look at some of the most popular designs of such jewelry.

Box Chain: In this type of chain several small and wide box shaped links are connected together to form this beautiful design. It looks best if teamed up with a medium sized pendant.

Byzantine Chain: This is one of the most popular and expensive designs due to its delicate and intricately woven pattern. In this type of chain, each pair or oval shaped links is connected to a much larger third link. This gives it a stunning appearance making it absolutely suitable for an evening party.

Cable Chain: In this type of chain oval shaped links are joined together in an alternate form in order to give it a simple yet classic look. It is one of the most commonly available kinds of chains. These chains look best if worn with big and bold pendants. The individual links resemble small rings when connected together.

Curb Chain: Flat and round rings are used to create this type of beautiful chain. Curb chains are mostly popular among men. These chains are most commonly used by people in hip-hop music making business, especially, the rappers because of their big and strong designs.

Fox Chain: A fox chain is made by combining two gold chains together in a braided form.

Herringbone Chain: The beautiful woven texture of this type of chain gives it a lustrous and graceful look. It can be worn without any pendant because of its intricate design which looks complete in itself.

Marine Chain: This chain has a very unique pattern in which between every two oval links there is a bar or a post placed vertically. This design follows throughout the chain to give it a very modern and urban appearance. It can be worn with a t-shirt or a formal shirt to give the outfit a new look.

Rolo Chain: This chain is made of broad and thick circular rings that give it an extremely sturdy appearance. It looks best if worn without a pendant due to its heavy looking design.

Rope Chain: As its name suggests this chain resemble a rope. It goes beautifully with a pendant.

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